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We cover all property types, unfurnished and furnished from studio flats to substantial dwellings of any size.

All reports are impartial, highly accurate and include quality photographs.

Inventory & Schedule of Condition

An inventory is a detailed document that will include a schedule of condition of the property itself as well as the fixtures, fittings and contents and is compiled to protect both the Landlord and the tenant at the end of the tenancy from any unwarranted disputes.

An inventory is compiled prior to the start of the tenancy before the tenants move into the property.

The inventory will be updated to produce a fresh report at the start of each new tenancy.

The SOC (schedule of condition) is completed by the clerk which includes a detailed cleaning schedule, keys, handed over to tenant, meter readings, testing of detectors and any urgent maintenance issues noted.


This takes place at the very start of a tenancy once the property is ready for occupation (i.e. all cleaning, maintenance and decorating is complete).

The clerk will be instructed to meet the tenant on the day of the tenancy commences, in order to walk through the property, record utility readings and advise of legal obligations for both landlord and tenant and their responsibilities for the duration of the tenancy.

A copy of the completed inventory and schedule of condition will be forwarded to all parties, who then have a further 5 days to sign off the document, to confirm all items within the property are in full working order.


This takes place on the final day of the tenancy at a pre-arranged time and date. All tenants possessions will have been completely removed, and any maintenance requirements and cleaning will have been completed.

The inventory clerk will meet the tenant at the property with the inventory to compare the condition of the property from the start to the end of the tenancy using the inventory and check in report produced at the start of the tenancy. The clerk will follow the room order and any dilapidations and differences are noted and photographed.

On completion of the checkout the clerk will walk through the property with the tenant pointing out areas that will be noted with the check out report. A check out scheduled of condition will be completed with all keys handed back, cleaning, meter readings and forwarding details recorded and signed off.

The completed report documents are then forwarded to the landlord, agent and outgoing tenant for any agreed deductions to be made from the deposit.

Protecting Landlords and Tenants